Scooter Center at the motorcycle show EICMA 2017, Milan

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EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori), the international motorcycle and spare parts show, is the most important exhibition to explore the latest novelties from the scooter world and we from Scooter Center are also there! We are proud of the coninuous development of our bgm items for vintage and modern scooters.

Here an overview of the EICMA novelites:

  1. Lambretta
  2. Vespa
  3. Pinasco
  4. Schwalbe
  5. NIU

Eicma 2017 Scooter Video

Eicma 2017 Scooter & Parts

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Today we first visited the hall 9 to have a look at the “new” Lambretta. Our friends from Rimini Lambretta Center present the new Lambretta customised for Vittorio in RLC race style as well as the new Casa Performance spare parts. Particularly interesting was the rear wheel rim with inner brake disc.



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Vespa rod models with reed valve intake

For Wideframe/rod models (low headlight) Pinasco presented the Nordkapp cylinder with its new feature: the reed valve intake. Of course there is also an intake maniforld, this time not for a Polini CP carburettor, but for a Dell’Orto 22mm carburettor which Pinasco will offer with throttle lever.

Besides the genuine engine casing with three studs and the possible reed valve intake, as already showed at the Vespa world Days in Celle, Pinasco also presented the engine casing with four studs: thanks to this feature it is possibile to mount all PX 177 tuning cylinders.

In addition, Pinasco also presented the Zamak rotor for the Flytech ignition which fits the rod models (faro basso) and GS150 engines.

Vespa GS160/SS180

The GS160/SS180 cylinder with direct intake looked like a dual carburettor cylinder with oval/long holes for 200cc models.

Vespa Smallframe

For the Vespa Smallframe models Pinasco also presented the new Pinasco engine casings and the crankshafts which are not yet available. On display also further crankshats with replaceable balance weights.

Vespa Largeframe

Particularly interesting was the new crankshaft for double intake.

Pinasco offers now premounted 225cc engines. 60mm stroke, 225cc, 21,5PS at 26 NM. 10-13-17-20/35 gear cluster with 23/64 gear ratio. Flytech ingnition 1,4kg. The item does not include: carburettor, carburettor casing, clutch cover, flywheel cover and complete brake.

The Si28 carburettors are now in VRX-R version with a small foam filter.


Also for Ciao, Si, Bravo and Boxer models there are new spare parts:



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Elecrtic Schwalbe with Bosch engine. Its batteries can be removed and loaded at home or using the charger cable placed under the seat.


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