Vespa Lenkerendenblinker LED Motonostra

Complete handlebar end indicator set for Vespa

Besides our top-quality handlebar end LED indicators by MOTO NOSTRA., available with orange, black and colourless lenses and with E-mark, now we also offer you the useful indicator conversion kit for handlebar end indicators:

With this set you can easily retrofit the handlebar end indicators on your Vespa. If you are restoring your scooter you can also use this conversion kit to replace the indicators.

Safe riding with modern LED technology in vintage look

These indicators are homologated for use on public roads (E-mark). Thanks to the LED technology the indicators feature a brighter light. The indicator lenses are available in colourless, black and classic orange version and are also available as single replacement part.


Vespa Blinker Lenkerendenblinker LED mit E-Prüfzeichen / TÜV

Complete indicator set for Vespa

Ready-to-mount set with all parts you need. Gear change tube can be painted the way you prefer:

  • Gear change tube/throttle tube
  • LED indicators with E-mark
  • Gear change roller and throttle roller
  • Indicator switch
  • Wiring loom
  • Small parts

Conclusion: safe ride thanks to the modern LED indicatos in vintage look and with homologation for use on public roads.


The handlebar indicator conversion kits fit the following models:

  • Vespa 125 ET3 (VMB1T)
  • Vespa 125 GT (VNL2T)
  • Vespa 125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • Vespa 125 Primavera (VMA2T)
  • Vespa 125 Super (VNC1T)
  • Vespa 125 TS (VNL3T)
  • Vespa 150 GL (VLA1T)
  • Vespa 150 Sprint (VLB1T)
  • Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce (VLB1T)
  • Vespa 150 Super (VBC1T)
  • Vespa 180 Rally (VSD1T)
  • Vespa 180 Super Sport (VSC1T, SS180)
  • Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Ducati)
  • Vespa 200 Rally (VSE1T, Femsa)

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