dropbar vespa

Die Individualisierung von Rollern hat in der Szene einen festen Platz erobert, und wer nach dem ultimativen Custom-Touch für seine Vespa Sprint oder Primavera sucht, wird mit dem Dropbar-Lenker von MOTO NOSTRA fündig. 

Mit 15° Neigung liegt unser aktueller Dropbar-Lenker genau zwischen Sport und Touring.
Alle originalen Anbauteile passen in bzw. an die mitgelieferten Lenkerverkleidungen.
Die Montage der Lenkerendgewichte erfolgt ebenfalls wie beim Original.
Somit sind auch die beliebten Lenkerenden-Spiegel problemlos zu verbauen.

Ein Upgrade mit Stil:

Der wahre Charme des Dropbar-Lenkers entfaltet sich auf der Straße. Die neue Lenkerform verleiht nicht nur ein beeindruckendes Erscheinungsbild, sondern verbessert auch die Fahrposition und das Handling. Jede Kurve wird zu einem sinnlichen Erlebnis, und die Fahrt wird zum Ausdruck persönlichen Stils.

Was ist mit der GTS-Serie?

Der MOTO NOSTRA Dropbar-Lenker ist nicht nur eine stylische Option für die Vespa Sprint, sondern öffnet auch die Tür und Tor für zukünftige GTS Custom-Projekte.

Diese Idee geistert in unseren Köpfen herum, seit wir vor fünf Jahren unseren Vespa GTS Demonstrator vorgestellt haben.

Nun stellen wir uns der Herausforderung, einen Dropbar-Lenker zu entwickeln, der den gesetzlichen Normen für den öffentlichen Straßenverkehr entspricht.

Dropbar GTS Werkzeugmuster
GTS Demonstrator SC

Wir haben bereits ein erstes Muster und der nächste Schritt ist nun ein zweites Muster bzw. Prototypen zu entwickeln, um die letzten Ideen und Verbesserungen in die Serien einfließen zu lassen.

Wäre ein Dropbar-Lenker nicht das fehlende Puzzlestück, um Deiner GTS eine individuelle Note zu verleihen?

Wir sind gespannt auf eure Gedanken und Meinungen zum MOTO NOSTRA Dropbar für die Vespa GTS!


Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox


These are the Jack fox Oil pans with sight glass for the older Vespa GTS models until around 2019, recognizable by the filler neck directly on the oil pan.

For the newer GTS models we also have oil pans with sight glass: Vespa GTS 300 HPE oil pans with sight glass

Vespa GTS oil pan with sight glass GTS up to 2019 socket fox

Never run out of oil again

If you follow the forums, you have probably already noticed one or the other engine failure as a result of a lack of oil.

This practical oil pan is a must for every GTS because it has several advantages. In addition to the spectacular look, the oil pan with sight glass is above all very functional:

  • It enables the oil level to be read off quickly through the oil window
  • With the level of the oil you also have the control whether the engine is horizontal when reading the dipstick, 6mm inclination already make a big difference between MAXIMUM and MINIMAL oil level!
  • In addition to these features, which give you a significant plus in safety, the oil pan is a visual highlight and a bit more individualization on your Vespa GTS!

We get the oil pans directly from Jack foxwho only original Piaggio oil pans used for the renovation. Quality craftsmanship made in Germany!

We can offer you the oil pans in 3 colors:

  • Silver / unpainted like original
  • Black MATT powder-coated
  • GLOSSY black powder coated


Compare the oil level on the oil sight glass with the oil level on the dipstick, then you will have a feeling for it and can quickly and reliably read off whether you should refill some more oil.

Optical engine oil check through a sight glass instead of the dipstick!

This eliminates the annoying and sometimes complicated and imprecise checking of the oil level using the dipstick. A simple look at the oil sight glass before every trip and you know whether you can start or, better still, add a sip of oil.
It is also noticeable here how important it is that the Vespa is absolutely horizontal when checking the oil level – 6mm inclination make the difference between MAX and MIN.
With this oil pan you are on the safe side!
Only NEW ORIGINAL PIAGGIO oil pans are used for the production, which are laboriously reworked on the CNC milling machine for the installation of the oil sight glass.

Vespa GTS Euro5 Auspuff

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Exhaust

The new Euro 5 standard has put the accessory manufacturers in a tight spot. From 2021, the new Vespa GTS models will only be available with Euro 5. We now show you which exhaust systems are already available for the new models. Marc from Scooteria, together with our partner in Berlin, presents the changes to the new models in this video Cafe Racer 69in this video.

Neu Vespa Gts 300 Vorstellung Modelle 2021 Vespa GTS Euro 5

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Tuning

Even in the past, the first thing we did with our Vespa was to change the exhaust, and that’s still the case today, and not without good reason! I personally believe that Piaggio has a deal with the tuning manufacturers and therefore always makes the exhaust as ugly as possible. But that’s just a personal assumption… With a new Euro5 GTS, there was no way to get a legal exhaust until now. But now something is happening: we have 3 exhaust systems on offer for you. First of all, there is one thing that applies to exhaust systems with approval: they are essentially optical and sound tuning. Of course, a major change in performance cannot be achieved with these exhaust systems. Therefore, you have the choice: just buy the exhaust that you like best – or that is currently available or fits into your budget… To make it easier for you to choose, we have included pictures of the exhaust systems and the exhaust sound in the videos, which were made available to us by the manufacturer.

Arrow – available now

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Arrow The new Arrow GTS Euro 5 exhaust is already available. Unfortunately we don’t have a soundcheck of the Arrow, but we have pictures in the shop. The Arrow systems are also among the favourites of the Cafe Racer 69 and are also one of our top sellers. All Arrow exhaust systems can be found here ARROW SHOP Sport exhaust system Arrow URBAN Alu BLACK Vespa GTS 300 HPE My. 2021 +Cat/e-approved/EURO-5 Exhaust -ARROW- Urban Dark Aluminium- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) – with catalytic converterArrow article no.: AW536EXC

Arrow Auspuff Euro5 Vespa GTS 300

LeoVince – already available now


Auspuff Sound LeoVince Euro 5 VESPA GTS 300 / SEI GIORNI / HPE 2021 Klang

Akrapovic – now available for pre-order – available from the end of August

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Akrapovic AK128679 – Exhaust -AKRAPOVIC Black Slip-On Line (SS)- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) – stainless steel black

Tip: Use reminder function

The exhaust will only be available in a limited number of pieces. You can pre-order the exhaust by e-mail or phone and make a binding reservation or let the shop inform you as soon as the exhaust is available. To do this, use the reminder function in the shop. Of course, this works for all products that are not available at the moment:

Erinnerungsfunktion Scooter Center Shop

AKRAPOVIC promises more power at the same volume but with a much throatier sound.

Akrapovič Vespa GTS 300 Auspuff Euro 5 Sound-Vergleich – Vorstellung und Montage

AKRAPOVIC gives us the following data and also provides a nice comparison to the original exhaust:

maximum power kW 14.1 / 7150 rpm 14.6 / 7200 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
HP (m) 19.2 / 7150 rpm 19.8 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
PS (i) 18.9 / 7150 rpm 19.5 / 7200 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
maximum torque Nm 19.7 / 7000 rpm 20.3 / 7100 rpm + 0.8 / 7400 rpm
lb-ft 14.5 / 7000 rpm 15.0 / 7100 rpm + 0.6 / 7400 rpm
Volume dB 84.2 / 4125 rpm 84.2 / 4125 rpm 0
Moto Nostra Gepäckträger Vespa GTS hpe

MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack Vespa GTS HPE front

This is our new innovative luggage rack for the new GTS models. This MOTO NOSTRA Vespa GTS front carrier offers you two big advantages:

  1. Mounting without drilling = reversible
  2. 90° support surface = deep luggage & headlight is not covered

Moto Nostra Gepäckträger Vespa GTS hpe

Simple mounting without drilling

The luggage carrier is simply attached to the top of the leg shield with the two brackets and fixed to the frame with the enclosed special angle plate. In addition, the luggage carrier is supported by rubber buffers on the frame and thus offers a very high level of safety. When folded out, the carrier platform has a pleasantly flat angle. This means that even a larger piece of luggage can be transported without covering the headlight. We have produced the MOTO NOSTRA luggage carriers in three versions:

Assembly is easy and quick! Our assembly instructions are easy to understand and are included with the product. Of course, you can also get the tools from us: TOPTUL Tool Shop

MOTO NOSTRA is a Scooter Center brand!

Assembly instructions in video

In this video we introduce you to our MOTO NOSTRA front luggage rack for the Vespa GTS HPE models.

Gepäckträger VORNE Vespa GTS hpe MOTO NOSTRA Montage Anleitung 🔧 ❤

Download the manual

Of course you can also download it in our shop. Or right now here:

bgm PRO Variomatik für Piaggio Quasar Motoren, z.B. Vespa GTS

The bgm PRO V2 variator for Vespa GTS in test

Our bgm PRO Vario for the Vespa GTS models is very popular. In this nice video, Marc from Scooteria tests the bgm PRO V2 variator on his Vespa GTS.

“A cheap and effective tuning measure for all Vespa Gts 300 riders. I compare it with the performance of the standard variator on the Vespa Gts 300 in the city, on the country road and motorway.”Marc, Scooteria

Conclusion of the test

  • Sportier: faster and higher in the rev range
  • Much higher revs
  • Much improved acceleration
  • Much more aggressive driving performance
  • Without annoying noise
  • +5 km/h top speed 125 km/h according to GPS with 13″ rims without discs

buy bgm PRO vario kit here

Video Variomatik Test

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuVfCunEuWA BGM2311V2 Variomatik

BGM2311V2 Variomatik

How do I install the bgm PRO variator on a Vespa GTS?

Installation of the bgm PRO V2 vari ator in the Vespa Gts 300 hpe Supertech. Marc from Scooteria is at Cafe Racer 69 and Micha from the Cafe Racer 69 team explains in 25 minutes in a very sympathetic and detailed way what has to be considered when installing a Vario. There are also tips, such as the fact that with the bgm Vario on your new GTS you can ride the old GTS Vario cover, which many people find more attractive.

buy bgm PRO Vario-Kit here

Variomatic test

You are not sure yet? In this video Marc tests the variator in detail and shows the effect of the bgm PRO Sportvario during a riding test.

Video installation instruction Varioamtik Vespa GTS bgm PRO

BGM Pro Variomatik Vespa Gts 300 – Einbau

Vespa GTS 500

Vespa GTS 500

A Vespa GTS 500 is what many GTS riders dream of. An Italian engineer has given it some serious thought and visualised a 500cc model of the GTS, and the YouTube video has been very successful. Every year there is speculation in the scene as to whether Piaggio will bring it this year. Now Björn Dressler from Berlin has beaten Piaggio to the punch. With his project “La Mutata”, Björn is bringing his conversions with up to 44 hp and 492 cc legally onto the road. Before you pull out your wallet: this conversion is not done easily! It takes about 4 months and costs a bit more than most people carry around in their wallets: it starts at 15,000 euros. Marc from Scooteria presents the project “La Mutata”, a converted Vespa GTS 500, in his


La Mutata Vespa GTS

The conversion of a Vespa Gts to a 500 Piaggio engine with German road approval and at least 39 hp! Italian for “The Mutated” – enables riding performance with a Vespa GTS that is beyond that of a 300. All installed components such as chassis and brakes are tuned to the higher torque and the significantly increased peak power. An absolute highlight for all Vespa tuning fans! A road test with the Vespa Gts 500 will be coming soon – subscribe to the Scooteria Channel and don’t miss anything else!

Technical data GTS tuning conversion

  • Engine variants: 459cm³ with 29kw/39hp at 7250rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm 493cm³ with 30kw/41HP at 7250 rpm and 46Nm at 5250 rpm 493cc with 32kw/44hp at 7750rpm and 47.5Nm at 5500rpm
  • Top speed: 148 km/h (governed)
  • Suspension: 120/70-13 front and 130/70-13 rear Front suspension by arrangement, e.g. matching Vespa GTS shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV Rear suspension La Mutata adjustable
  • Brakes: Front Brembo P2 on 255 brake disc Rear Brembo P2 on 240 brake disc

VESPA GTS 500 cc Tuning „La Mutata“ Teil 1