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Optimised asymmetrical silent blocks by PRO

The engine of your Vespa requires two different engine mountings, the one for the right side (heavy engine side) and the other for the left side (light exhaust side).

We developed the optimised silent blocks for Vespa Smallframe and Largeframe, as well as for the Lambretta. These silent blocks are now also available for Vespa PK.

silent blocks

  • more ride comfort
  • high tracking
  • high steering precision
  • high stiffness

The bgm PRO silent blocks give much better handling thanks to a more precise guidance of the engine in the engine casing. The reinforced rubbers have an asymmetrical degree of hardness. Therefore, even with stiff suspensions, you can still have a good ride comfort.

Thanks to the reinforced engine mountings, available in set, you have a better tracking, steering precision and stiffness. The fitting is easy and their replacement is recommended e.g. during the engine overhaul.

Further information on the bgm PRO silent blocks for Vespa

Replace the silent blocks of your Vespa!

Easy fitting

Vespa PX 200, V50, PV125 ET3, PK

These models feature inserted rubbers. Remove the old rubbers from the engine casing.
Put the new bgm PRO silent blocks in the engine casing using a little bit of talcum.

Vespa PX80-150, Sprint, VBB, etc.

These models feature standard pressed silent blocks.
To get these out of the casing you have to grind, cut or drill off the ends. Then you take off the tube and rubbers from the casings. Put the new bgm PRO rubbers into the casings using a little bit of talcum.


Please do not grease or oil the new rubbers. Mount them dry and use talcum to ease up the fitting.

Please note

The silent blocks are mounted according to the side of the riding direction:

  • In ride direction, left hand side: red marked
  • In ride direction, right hand side: green marked

Silentblock set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa Small- and Largeframe

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