Silentblock Vespa

Be honest – have you ever replaced the silentblocks of your Vespa? Even during a total make over this is the part, which is often neglected.

It might happen, that after many kilometres on the road, the sight of the most beautiful backside on earth is a little strange.

Take a look at the rear wheel from behind. If it is at a slight angle, the silentblocks in the engine casing will be past their best days.

Why silent rubbers?

Silent rubbers fulfil a difficult task: They are meant to eliminate unpleasant vibrations of the drive unit swing arm and, simultaneously, give a reliable and safe guide of the rear wheel. The silent rubber on the right additionally needs to bear the major part of the engine’s weight. Therefore, the right silent rubber bears more load and wears off quicker.

A new set of silent rubbers should deal with this issue. At least that’s what you might think…

Be careful with “OEM quality”

It seems that, let’s call them, “other” suppliers have by now found their way into the Piaggio bag.
Original silent rubbers are sometimes very soft, causing the engine to be at an angle to the frame, just by the means of it’s own weight. Loaded, which means with driver, it won’t get any better. Quicker Vespas with worn or too soft silentblocks sometimes tend to swing to and fro the longitudinal axis at higher speed.

Solution: load oriented silentblocks

We have therefore chosen a somewhat harder rubber for the BGM PRO silentblocks and decided for an even harder rubber for the strained side, which needs to bear the engine.

The harder, right side therefore counter acts the engine’s weight and is a safe guide for the drive unit swing arm.

The BGM PRO silent blocks for Vespa engines are marked with colours:


  • GREEN marks the harder silent rubber for the right hand side (seen in direction of travel)
  • RED marks the silent block for the left hand side.

Silentblock Vespa

Easy assembly of silentblocks

When determining the shape of the silentblocks, we decided for a version with two parts.

This makes fitting the silent rubbers a lot easier.
Tyre mounting paste helps to fit the rubbers.
You should not use any grease.

We currently offer silentblocks for the following Vespa models:


Silentblock set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL



Silentblock set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint150 (VLB1T), TS125 (VNL3T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), Super, GL150 (VLA1T), VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB



Silentblock set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa PX200


Silent rubber shock mount Vespa

Hint: We also offer the silent rubber for the lower rear shock mount. This is the ideal add-on to the silent rubbers of the engine bolt. 1157103(2)

The wide rubber perfectly supports the shock absorbers and, compared to other narrow-chested alternatives, it resists wear a lot better.
The rubber and popular silentblock bushings are available in these sets:

Silentblocks Lambretta

Lovers of chain driven Lambrettas, can already turn to silentblock sets for a while.
During the development of silentblock sets for Vespa we have profited of the positive experiences of developing silent rubbers for Lambretta with varying degrees of hardness.


Silentblock set engine -BGM PRO- Lambretta LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP – 29cm engine bolt

BildDokument BGM7950G

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