Nice Modern Vespa accessories

Vespa S LED- Rücklicht weiß

We sourced some nice bits and pieces to mod-up your Vespa LX, LXV, S, GT, GTL or GTS.

Headlight visors are one of the essential items to customize your Vespa. An instant classic for decades.

But it is not just because of the nice vintage optics, they are a nice upgrade for night riding. Especially in the dark on the countr road the headlight dazzles in the direction of the rider. The visor covers this part and makes night riding much more relaxing. The emotional people here are see it as the eyelash of their Vespa.

We have these on offer in the classic chromed look as well as the more sportive black finish. An extensive fitting instructions is included to every visor. They are available for GT, GTS, GTL and LX and LXV Vespas.

CLASSIC headlight visors

Finally arrived are the first LED rear light units for your LX, LXV and S Vespa. With the clear glas these give a much more up to date look than the red bog standard item. The dimensions are exactly like on the original one. For sure it has an e-mark.

The LEDs are placed in honeycomb shaped holes. These are highly chromed. Each LED gives very bright light and their duration of life is much better compared to the old style bulbs.

Fitting is easy for this item as well.

bgm LED rear light Vespa LX, LXV und S




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