Gift idea for scooterists – Cookie cutter Vespa

Individual gift ideas for scooterists by the Scooter Center team

Name: Birgit


How long have you been working for Scooter Center:

Since April 2007

What is your task at Scooter Center:


What’s your relation to scooters:

Actually there hardly is any except for working for Scooter Center. I have never owned a scooter.
My greatest experience was the Max Speed Festival in Meinerzhagen, Germany. Simply a great day at the old army airport.

Gift idea for scooterists

Cookie cutter -VESPA- scooter 6.5cm, stainless steel

Part no. 7675055

cookie cutter Vespa


On the one hand this is an affordable gift and if, on the other hand, you add some homemade cookies, it will even be a personal gift.
If these are tasty cookies, your gift will be a real winner.

Cookie cutter for Vespa cookies

Why not bake a Vespa?!

The cookie cutter with the shape of a traditional Vespa will help you make stylish cookies in no time, which will put a smile on everyone’s face – even of non-scooterists!

You will enjoy this great gimmick for a long time: This great cookie cutter is made of stainless steel and of course dishwasher-safe!

Width approx. 6.5cm


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