Scootentole Challenge 2012

The Scooter Center team was en route again. This time a visit to the Scootentole Challenge at the Mirecourt race track was planned.

With the SCK Racer and the Silver Fern we were off. First stop was made at the legendary Nürburgring. We watched a bit of the 24 hour race and then set off again via the Belgian Ardennes towards France.

When we arrived at the race track in Mirecourt we started to set up our base. We met old and new friends and were happy to be among like-minded people.

Thursday and Friday, we could watch the practice sessions during perfect weather. On Saturday it got serious with the qualifying and the race. A rollercoaster of emotions but especially the weather did not make it easy for the drivers and their teams. Sudden heavy rain made ??the race for some a real torture to find the right setup.

This thrilling race came to an end in the early Saturday evening. Official rankings as follows:

C1: 1. Uberto Parravicini, 2. Jonas Brüster, 3. Julien Desnuelle

C2S: 1. Romain Baguet, 2. Maxime Dias, 3. Martin Raube

C2L: 1. Thomas Lenkeit, 2. Steffen Biedermann, 3. Toni Fattorusso

C3: 1. Cristian Mazelli, 2. Alberto Costa, 3. Marco Büttner

C4: 1. Mauro Murgia, 2. Guillaume Bordas, 3. Jean-Luc Nobleaux

Sunday we went back via Luxembourg to Aachen and then continued towards Scooter Center. A successful weekend was coming to an end. We look forward to our next tour.

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