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PMT tyres – uncompromising sports and racing tyres for scooters

Have you driven the new PMT tyres yet? If you are also in scooter racing, you will know about the enormous importance of the tyres.

It is not only the tread pattern that matters, but especially the right rubber compound. The optimal tyre is tuned:

  • matching the weather
  • suitable for the track
  • suitable for the vehicle
  • suitable for the driving style and ability

We now have a wide range of tyres from PMT Tyres

The enormous difference in performance of tyres in motorsport is immediately obvious to anyone who has tried the legendary PMT tyres.

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PMT Tyres Roller-Reifen für Rollerrennen

Made in Italy: PMT Tyres

The Italian tyre manufacturer PMT (Pauselli Modell Tyres) has been in existence since 1990, originally producing tyres for RC cars and the popular Italian minibike racing series. Since they have also developed tyres for motorcycles and especially racing tyres for scooters, they have very quickly achieved a top position among the favourite tyres of racing drivers. The PMT tyres are available in perfect compounds for the various soil, weather and temperature conditions.

PMT Tyres

PMT Tyres Rain & Intermediate

Slick, mixture: hard

The slick with hard compound is ideal for tracks with high asphalt temperatures and heavy use due to many exchange bends and braking manoeuvres. The hard compound is the most abrasion resistant and can therefore be used very well in Endurance / long distance races. The warm-up phase for the optimum operating temperature (~ 80° C) is significantly longer with this compound than with the “medium” or “soft” compound.
The recommended air pressure for front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mixture: medium

The medium bridges the gap between the hard and persistent as well as the extremely well adhering but also quickly wearing soft mixture. The medium thus covers a very wide range of applications. Its optimum operating temperature is ~ 75°C and, like the hard compound, requires a longer running-in time than the soft compound to reach temperature.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, compound: soft

The soft PMT compound offers full grip even at lower temperatures. It wears out correspondingly quickly at higher temperatures and then no longer offers its full grip level. On the other hand, it reaches its optimum operating temperature of 70°C very quickly.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and between 1.4-1.9 bar for the rear.

Slick, rain

PMT offers with the Rain Slick a new interpretation of an intermediate. Based on the rubber compound of the pure rain tyre, an intermediate with slick tread pattern has been created. It is ideal for changeable weather conditions with the same proportion of wet and dry sections.
The recommended inflation pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Rain Racing

The rain tyre from PMT plays in the highest league of rain experts for the circuit.
Whoever mounted this tyre needs a good excuse if it didn’t work out with a good placement…
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Drag race

The Drag Race tyres from PMT are ideal for all quartermill engines.
Here no grip is lost and all power is transferred to the asphalt without slip.
This also means that there is no mercy for clutch or gearbox..

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