Scooter Center Xmas P4 Duel -FINALE-

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This is the final report about our pre-Xmas dyno shootout!

The 29.9 hp at the rear wheel of a Cast Polini 133 cylinder kit with 54mm bgm crankshaft, Keihin PWK35AS carb and Feuerzauber exhaust had to be bettered.

With 29.3 hp Jonas did very well, but missed the goal. Followed by Mathias with 29.2 hp on a Polini 133 rotary inlet engine.

Together -Jonas and Scooter Center- decided to donate the 100€ shopping voucher for “scooterist-chairty / GSF-Spendenaktion.

Scooter Center likes the idea and is addiotionally offering free dyno time to set up the Charity engine.

The gallery shows the atmosphere of the dyno shootout. Something that will hopefully continued very soon. What do you think?fin.

Because virtual reality can hardly ever beat proper live action, we recommend to have a look at the small but mean Smallframe engines the next time.

Thanks to all the people that dropped in during the day. It was pure fun and we hope to see you soon!

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