Adjust ignition of a Vespa using “the Whale”

The Whale is a tool, which helps you, to precisely adjust the ignition of your Vespa. “The Whale V-Duo”, a calliper, is suitable for Vespa largeframe and smallframe. A suitable tool for Lambretta is being developed.

The calliper is made of two parts and comes with measuring tips that can freely be moved and an effective measuring range of about 40° each. To easily define the ignition point for static and variable ignition timing.

  • Suitable for existing fixation points at the flywheel cover
  • Set 0°-position to perfectly mark the top death centre
  • Stainless steel with resistant industrial engraving

Video instructions adjusting Vespa ignition

This is the ultimate tutorial (in German) by Jörg Pien and Kevin Wintergrün (PX Garage Nienburg). They demonstrate three ways of adjusting the ignition of your Vespa with “The Whale”, the new ignition-tool for Vespa.

PDF instructions adjusting Vespa ignition

As an alternative you can download the instructions by Jörg Pien here:

CMD_Anleitung_The_Whale_V-Duo_DE (in German)

Thank you CMD, Jörg Pien and Kevin Wintergrün (PX Garage Nienburg)

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