vespa Beiwagen hoffmann-gespann

Vespa Sidecar

Today we present a very special scooter from our Customshow:

A beautiful Hoffmann Vespa sidecar

vespa Beiwagen hoffmann-gespann


This scooter and many more great old Vespa scooter you can find in the Scooter Center Facebook – Custom Show. The award ceremony will take place on the Scooter Center Classic Day.

Vespa sidecar at Scooter Center

When Scooter Center and side car in different designs are available for your Vespa:

vespa seitenwagen cozy

Indian Cosy side car ‘Zeppelin’ for all 10″ – Vespa of models with 3-point seat admission. Those are all large frames starting from 1960, PX |PX Lusso |Rally | Sprint | T4 and similarly / identically constructed.
The side cars were fitted on the engine side (rhs). The Scooter Center offers the partly assembled Vespa side cars including screen, trunk, steering damper, seat space tarpaulin and a complete assembly set.
Detailed Pictures
Dispatch on request only, can’t be shipped to the standard rates because of weight and dimensions. Please ask at for shipping options.


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