RT ParadiseRace-Tour cylinder kits available

Finally! The Racetour kits from MB Developments have arrived!

Available and on stock are various Lambretta Race-Tour cylinder kits, these kits fit both small and large block casings.

Coming in standard sizes of 64mm 190cc and 69mm 220cc. On request we are glad to supply the 67mm bore 205cc kit.

We can also request other sizes at MB Developments using the forged Race-Tour pistons, 64.5, 65, 68, 70 and 71mm.

These, made in the UK cylinder kits have many more advantages over other kits and as standard can be used with carb sizes from 18 – 35mm and any exhaust.

These are piston ported cylinders have the carb on the standard side so the air box can be used on standard style scooters.

We have seen on non tuned motors 20 bhp with 19lbs ft torque, ideal for fast road touring.

The kit comprises of a Race-Tour cylinder, Race-Tour forged piston, cylinder head, cylinder studs, gaskets and fasteners, boxed with instructions.

For more info send mail to philipp@scooter-center.com or check your one stop online shop

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