Piaggio Ciao Monoantrieb oder Varioantrieb?

Differences Piaggio Ciao / Bravo / Si / Boxer mono drive and vario drive

Attention! The most important thing directly in advance – The components of the mono drive and the variator drive are not compatible or mixable with each other! The crankshaft is the same for both types of drive.

From the outside, this transmission ratio is most easily recognised by the side covers on the left in the direction of travel.
If the side cover also has a bulge at the back, it is a variator model.

1. Variator drive
2. Mono drive

Variatorantrieb Monoantrieb

Converter / variator

In the variator model, the converter unit with the integrated clutch is located at the rear. In the front is the variator. The advantage of the variator drive is that it provides you with a stepless automatic. When starting briefly translated, on speed long translated. The principle is still used today in every automatic scooter.

3. Combined converter / clutch unit
4. Variator



Mono drive

Classically the German mopeds have the mono drive with 25 km/h, but there are also moped versions with the mono drive, without variator.

5. Pulley
6. Coupling

(5) Riemenscheibe (6) Kupplung


Clutch bell, pulley and V-belt

In the front is the clutch bell, inside the V-belt of the moped runs on a groove with a diameter of 26mm inside. (6)

The rear pulley is mounted directly onto the mono transmission. The mono gearbox can be recognized by the fact that the gearbox shaft protrudes only approx. 13mm from the gearbox and only the flat belt pulley is installed (5). This has a diameter of 90mm at 25km/h mopeds. The standard transmission of the Ciao has a ratio of 10,5:1, the Bravo has a ratio of 8,5:1

( see also Piaggio Ciao Mofa Tuning )

7. Variator gearbox
8. Mono transmission for belt pulley


(7) Variatorgetriebe (8) Monogetriebe für Riemenscheibe

Useful upgrades or tuning of the transmission ratio

Mono transmission:

The simplest tuning to increase the top speed is to lengthen the gear ratio.

There are exactly three possibilities with the mono transmission:

  1. Change the front clutch, take the clutch out of the moped and put the clutch in at 30 km/h.
    The standard clutch has an inner diameter of 26mm, the 30km/h clutch of 41mm.
  2. Replace the rear pulley. The original pulley of the Ciao has a diameter of 90mm.
    But only the pulleys with 70mm or 80mm are really drivable, because the suit is still acceptable here when starting.
  3. Exchange of the transmission. To find out the gear ratio look briefly under: https://blog.scooter-center.com/piaggio-mofa-tuning-und-setup/


INFO: The standard moped transmission of the Ciao has a ratio of 10.5:1, by installing the 8.5:1 transmission of the Bravo, the total gear ratio is increased by about 20%.

TIP: Very inconspicuous because clutch and pulley can remain original.

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