f16_01Finally there is a serious suspension upgrade available for all Vintage Vespa scooters with a seperate spring and damper unit. The <B>bgm</B> front shockers gives an up-to-date riding and cornering feeling to Vintage Vespas like the Rally, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, GS 150, Super, GL…

The bgm Pro Vespa – shocker can be adjusted in <B>16 stages of the compression rebound</B>. The first prototypes were heavily tested last year and we never had such a stable riding and braking experience with Rally & Sprints.

With the new year the delivery of the final version arrived and it felt like a sceond Xmas for us. From now on you can buy the >B>hard anodized</B> version as well as the <B>beautiful chromed</B> version of the <B>bgm Pro</B> in your one stop scooter shop.

Front shock -BGM PRO F16- Vespa Rally, Sprint, GS, … Chromed
Front shock -BGM PRO F16- Vespa Rally, Sprint, GS, … Anodized

Finally a safe and stable ride for your Vintage Vespa!

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