The key spiral -- a classic newly discovered

I had one -- everyone used to have one and it was ‘cool’, the key spiral! And this video makes my heart race:

New spiral key ring from MOTO NOSTRA by Scooter Center

We scooter riders, mods & scooterboys quickly discovered this practical spiral for us: because the different key types for ignition lock, steering lock and/or luggage compartment lock can be connected flexibly but safely.

With this super lanyard, all keys form a unit, but do not hinder each other during operation: ignition key and steering lock/luggage compartment key remain in their lock and are connected by the key spiral. So each of the two keys is quickly at hand and the flexible PVC material protects the paint.

We have the key spirals in 15cm-60cm (the 15cm version can be stretched to 60cm) and 30cm-100cm (the 30cm version can be stretched to 100cm) length. The coloured versions are translucent, i.e. they are coloured but still transparent.

Fitted with a key ring on both sides.

  1. TIP : Also ideal to attach e.g. the house and car keys to the trousers!
  2. TIP : The tape can be deformed with a hair dryer at will, e.g. if the angled end should be straight.


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