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Not all brushes are the same!

You probably have a classic steel brush in your tool kit. Such a DIY store all-round brush is practical and has many areas of application, but with little effort it can be even better: Here I show you 4 small wire brushes from LESSMANN (Made in Germany) for special applications that make it easier for you to work on your scooter during repairs and maintenance!

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1. The File Cleaning Brush

Stahl-Bürste zum Reinigen von Feilen.

Steel brush for cleaning files. You don’t have to buy a new file if it no longer has the expected effect, cleaning the file is often enough! This special brush from Lessmann is suitable for cleaning the strokes of metal files so that the cutting effect is fully available again. The file cleaning brush is particularly suitable for removing chips and strongly adhering metals such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminium.

2. The rust eraser brush

Rostradierer mit Stahlborsten vom deutschen Qualitätshersteller Lessmann

High quality rust eraser with steel bristles. The brush is ideal for the careful restoration of your vehicle with original paintwork on which parts of the sheet metal have rusted and which should not be sanded over the entire surface. Keyword: O-paint restoration. With the rust eraser, oxide particles can be removed effortlessly, even on surfaces that are already scarred. The bristles on both sides have different thicknesses for precise work. Afterwards, the area can be passivated with a suitable agent (e.g. multifilm). CONCLUSION: Great little tool with great effect and fun factor

3. The steel brush for the rough stuff

Stahl-Bürste zum Entfernen grober Verschmutzungen wie Rost.

This quality steel brush is particularly suitable for removing coarse dirt such as rust. It is not suitable for use on surfaces made of plastic, aluminium, copper, etc.

4. The brass brush for spark plug cleaning

Messing-Bürste zum Reinigen von Masse- und Mittelelektroden von Zündkerzen.

Brass brush for cleaning earth and centre electrodes of spark plugs. Since brushes made of steel unnecessarily roughen the surface and thus new dirt adheres even better than before, a brush made of a softer material than steel should always be used for cleaning spark plugs.

LESSMANN quality brushes | Made in Germany

Lessmann Bürsten

At Scooter Center you get Lessmann Brusheswhich we have found to be particularly suitable and tried and tested for everyday use in the workshop and for repairing / tuning scooters. A small brush like this can be very helpful and really make it easier for you to work cleanly on your scooter / Vespa / Lambretta etc.!