LED Lauflicht Blinker Vespa GTS

Indicators with dynamic LED sequential light and with E-mark for Vespa

The trend comes from the automotive industry and the LED technology allowed us to develop these indicators. With its own brand “Moto Nostra” Scooter Center is the first manufacturer that produces and sells indicators with dynamic LED sequential light for Vespa scooters. What’s new:

Vespa GTS Lauflicht LED Blinker | Running light LED indicators

Exclusive new item by Moto Nostra

The LED light of these indicators is sequential, this means that the single LEDs don’t turn on simultaneously but in sequence creating the so-called sweeeping effect.

Design and safety

-- with E-mark --

The design of the Moto Nostra indicators is just superb. However, our aim was also to develop an item which guarantees the rider’s safety. The LED indicators are very bright and thanks to the sequential LEDs your scooter will be much more visible in road traffic, a very important aspect for us scooterists. In addition, the front indicators feature the daytime running light, also for models before 2014.
The Moto Nostra indicators are available in the following versions:
  • colourless lenses
  • smoked lenses
The colour of the indicators with smoked lenses is exactly the same of the Moto Nostra tail lights. A perfect combination if used together
The indicators feature the homologation E-mark and are therefore homologated for use on public roads. No further technical inspection necessary.

Available for all Vespa GTS models

The new indicators are available as set of two (front or rear) and as a convenient set of four (front and rear).
For the models before 2014 the indicators include a wiring loom for a plug and play connection. Even though your Vespa GTS is a pre-facelift model, it will also feature daytime running lights, a further security feature.
The indicators of the models from 2014 and 2018/2019 are somewhat cheaper since they don’t include any further wire and you can use the genuine connector.

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