Vespa GTS Euro5 Auspuff

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Exhaust

The new Euro 5 standard has put the accessory manufacturers in a tight spot. From 2021, the new Vespa GTS models will only be available with Euro 5. We now show you which exhaust systems are already available for the new models. Marc from Scooteria, together with our partner in Berlin, presents the changes to the new models in this video Cafe Racer 69in this video.

Neu Vespa Gts 300 Vorstellung Modelle 2021 Vespa GTS Euro 5

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Tuning

Even in the past, the first thing we did with our Vespa was to change the exhaust, and that’s still the case today, and not without good reason! I personally believe that Piaggio has a deal with the tuning manufacturers and therefore always makes the exhaust as ugly as possible. But that’s just a personal assumption… With a new Euro5 GTS, there was no way to get a legal exhaust until now. But now something is happening: we have 3 exhaust systems on offer for you. First of all, there is one thing that applies to exhaust systems with approval: they are essentially optical and sound tuning. Of course, a major change in performance cannot be achieved with these exhaust systems. Therefore, you have the choice: just buy the exhaust that you like best – or that is currently available or fits into your budget… To make it easier for you to choose, we have included pictures of the exhaust systems and the exhaust sound in the videos, which were made available to us by the manufacturer.

Arrow – available now

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Arrow The new Arrow GTS Euro 5 exhaust is already available. Unfortunately we don’t have a soundcheck of the Arrow, but we have pictures in the shop. The Arrow systems are also among the favourites of the Cafe Racer 69 and are also one of our top sellers. All Arrow exhaust systems can be found here ARROW SHOP Sport exhaust system Arrow URBAN Alu BLACK Vespa GTS 300 HPE My. 2021 +Cat/e-approved/EURO-5 Exhaust -ARROW- Urban Dark Aluminium- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) – with catalytic converterArrow article no.: AW536EXC

Arrow Auspuff Euro5 Vespa GTS 300

LeoVince – already available now


Auspuff Sound LeoVince Euro 5 VESPA GTS 300 / SEI GIORNI / HPE 2021 Klang

Akrapovic – now available for pre-order – available from the end of August

Vespa GTS Euro 5 Akrapovic AK128679 – Exhaust -AKRAPOVIC Black Slip-On Line (SS)- Vespa GTS Super HPE 300 (Euro 5, ZAPMD3100, ZAPMD3101, ZAPMD3101) – stainless steel black

Tip: Use reminder function

The exhaust will only be available in a limited number of pieces. You can pre-order the exhaust by e-mail or phone and make a binding reservation or let the shop inform you as soon as the exhaust is available. To do this, use the reminder function in the shop. Of course, this works for all products that are not available at the moment:

Erinnerungsfunktion Scooter Center Shop

AKRAPOVIC promises more power at the same volume but with a much throatier sound.
Akrapovič Vespa GTS 300 Auspuff Euro 5 Sound-Vergleich - Vorstellung und Montage

AKRAPOVIC gives us the following data and also provides a nice comparison to the original exhaust:

maximum powerkW14.1 / 7150 rpm14.6 / 7200 rpm+ 0.6 / 7400 rpm
HP (m)19.2 / 7150 rpm19.8 / 7200 rpm+ 0.8 / 7400 rpm
PS (i)18.9 / 7150 rpm19.5 / 7200 rpm+ 0.8 / 7400 rpm
maximum torqueNm19.7 / 7000 rpm20.3 / 7100 rpm+ 0.8 / 7400 rpm
lb-ft14.5 / 7000 rpm15.0 / 7100 rpm+ 0.6 / 7400 rpm
VolumedB84.2 / 4125 rpm84.2 / 4125 rpm0