Our best clutch for Vespa is back in stock

Just in time for the summer season our BGM Superstrong clutch for Vespa largeframe is available again. The robust and reliable clutch is very much sought after, leading to having been sold out for a short time.

New generation of drive plates for Vespa clutches

From now on we will deliver the BGM Superstrong and the Superstrong CR with a new generation of steel plates. Did you know, that there is a best order of assembly for the steel plates?

Vepsa Superstrong Kupplung für Vespa Largeframe P1390241

Vespa Superstrong clutch for Vespa largeframe P1390241

The new clutch comes with each plate being clearly marked with the correct position of the plate.

bgm Superstrong - neue Reibescheiben für die Vespa Kupplung

BGM Superstrong – new drive plates for Vespa clutches

We have revised all plates and optimised their fit.

The plate on position two has now got a defined curve at an individual radius in order to generate smooth disengagement behaviour with any load.

The steel plates are series tested for smooth running and planar surface, as well as for quality of material and hardness. All steel plates achieve values around 10hrc.

Apart from optimizing steel plates, nothing was changed in the proven concept of Superstrong clutches for Vespa PX, T5, Sprint, Rally…


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