How do I mount the tyres on a Vespa / Lambretta?

Using our bgm Classic tires as an example, we show the correct mounting of the tire (split rim).

1. Reduce friction

The tube inside is subject to flexing when the tire is unrolled and therefore it is useful to reduce the friction inside by talcum.
The white powder reduces the friction between the tube and the tyre and thus the wear of the tube.

A small amount of talcum powder is spread inside the tire and the tube is filled with air just enough to prevent it from expanding and also sprinkle some talcum powder on it.

2. Check the direction of travel

Before fitting the tube, first check that the tyre has a direction of rotation specified by the manufacturer.
This indication can be found on our bgm Classic tire in the form of an arrow on a tire sidewall and points to the direction of rotation of the tire when driving.
The tube is then inserted to match the direction of rotation of the tyre, so that the valve points to the left side in driving direction, typical for Vespa.

3. Assembly

For mounting the tyre on the rim, the so-called mounting paste is a real help. With it the tyre can be pushed very far onto the rim. This makes it much easier to screw the two-piece rim together.

First the valve is put through the wide half of the rim and then the rim is pushed into the tyre.
The narrow half of the rim also has an opening through which the valve is accessible. When inserting the valve into the tire, make sure that the valve hole is aligned with the hole in the wide rim half.

Our bgm stainless steel rims have exchangeable bolts. Please make sure that the head of the bolt is inserted into the square to prevent rotation.

The five nuts of the rim halves are fixed crosswise with 16 – 18Nm. When fastening, make sure that the tube is not clamped between the rim halves.
Then inflate the tyre with 2 bar and check that the tyre and valve are correctly seated in the rim.


Tutorial How to assemble the BGM Tyres for Vespa


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