With the start of your ‘one stop online shop‘ we are glad to stock the even uprated version of our bullet proof 54 mm long stroke for the .

The Highend Full Race crankshafts runs very succesfully on some of the 30 hp+ FALCS. More stroke means more torque and more power. This makes the 54 mm stroke Smallframe crank the right choice where power matters.

Beside the proofed features as:

  • forged crank webs
  • 54 mm stroke
  • forged con rod with 105 mm length
  • silver big end bearing
  • 20 mm diameter of the big end pin
  • 20 mm bearing seat at flywheel seat
  • Made in Europe!

we gave the forged con rod a stunning CNC finish.

Link to our shop

54er solo

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