Aachen Annual Classic Kickstart Rideout

Since 2009 scooterist from Aachen can rely on an annual rideout. Back in the 1990s Aachen was hosting big scooter festivals but since then it declined and these meetings disappeared from the region. In 2009 some local scooterist took the initiative and started to promote a season opening rideout through the help of flyer, the internet and word of mouth of course.

To cut a long story the tour started at the German/Dutch border on the 23rd of May 2009. Around 50 scooterist drove the Mergellandroute in the Netherlands. This route is a really picturesque route through the southern part of the Dutch state Limburg with around 80 kilometres distance.

A half-time stop was done at the beautiful city of Maastricht. From there the route led back to Aachen. Germany. The penny had dropped and this event became really popular among the local scooter scene.

In 2010 the response was already much bigger. This time the tour was a 3 country tour through Belgium, Holland and Germany with a distance of around 90 km. Aachen’s Kickstart Rideout became really popular and the message was spread across the scooter world.

In 2011 the popularity was so massive that there were 267 scooterists at the season opening in Aachen.

This time we drove the “Route des Verger” (apple tree route) in Belgium. A beautiful route through the East Belgian cantons with about 110 km route through old villages and winding country roads. A final barbecue was organized as well in order to have a full day programme and people could enjoy some nice food, drinks and smalltalk.

This year Aachen’s Kickstart Rideout takes place for the fourth time with a route of 80 km. A barbecue and a subsequent Nighter are also on the program. Let’s hope it will be as successful as in the years before. So guys, be there or be square. See you on Saturday.

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