Iphone and Vespa

The Vespa has been for decades much more than just a vehicle – the Vespa is a lifestyle, a modern myth and also a personal expression.

The iPhone is also much more than only a phone and also very successful, though not to compare with the Vespa ;-)

You are Scooterist and own an iPhone?

1. Iphone Vespa Silikon Cases

iPhone Schutzhülle -VESPA- Rot iPhone Case -VESPA- – red iPhone Schutzhülle -VESPA- Weiß iPhone Case -VESPA- – white iPhone Schutzhülle -VESPA- Grün iPhoneCase -VESPA- – green

2. Vespa App

Vespa App

3. Free Vespa Wallpaper for Iphone Ipod and Co.

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