MautstelleYeeeeeha !

Go Vespisti, Go !

Tutto buono, Servus, Ciao !

Approximated 5.000 Vespisti have partied like it have -probably- never been done before there. More than 2.000 scooterists have taken part in the ride out to the Großglockner (at 3.780 meters height). A rehersal for the wild night that had to come!

The main street was firmly occupied by the Vespisti crowd. Really twisting the melons of the car drivers with the Vespa having right of way everywhere and everytime.
The local bars decided to spin the local mix of Apres Ski Music with the things like DJ Ötzi, Wolfgang Petri and like minded stuff.

To give it a proper Run atmosphere Enzo decided to do some burn outs and bounced some rear tyres with Oliver immaculate Rally 200. The local cops looked surprised and thanks to the superiority of the Vespisti nothing else happened. So no arresting in Austria. Like times have changed…

Buona Notte – Tanta Lotte !


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