cimg0982After a stop over im Munich for some proper Schnitzel and beer we arrived in Zell am See today.
Because of the cheaper price for Diesel in Austria – over 10 cent per litre savings, we tried to cross the border for filling. With the high tech dashboard reading 13 km coverage and only 10 km to go, all seemed to work fine. Despite for this hill and the sudden reading ood the coverage of 0 km.

Straigh tip: If you break down 10 meters before the petrol station, the starter will get you to your destination ;-)

Back to the plot. Once we reached Zell am See, we gave a helping hand to the guys who built the event tents and then we started to equip our stall. Our easy winter Hoffmann Vespa Rusteration Project was one of the most photographed scooters on show.

After all this done, we went for a short tour around town. With all the excitement going on in Zell, it was late once again. But the party had just started!


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