Grommet and blank plug rubber for Vespa & Co.

When transforming or restoring a scooter it’s often the small things that are missing and then might cause the mechanic to loose his cool.

For example: a small blank plug rubber, aka grommet, is missing in order to connect the battery or indicator, or a plug rubber is missing to close a no longer wanted hole, because you want to fit another tail light.

Gummistopfen 003

It’s a sideswipe like this that really takes time and gets on your nerves.

Gummistopfen 004

An open hole in one of the side panels does not really add to the looks of a scooter. You could weld, polish and paint that piece. But you could avoid all this by closing the visible hole with a blank plug rubber.

Gummistopfen 006

A set of blank plug rubbers or grommets helps you in this cause.

The tipp for any garage

The sets cover a wide range of rubbers of the popular diameters, which you need for most of the scooters. All plugs are sorted according to their outer diameter and come in a transparent box. Your scooter garage will remain tidy!


Item number 3331729
Blank plug rubber set frame -UNIVERSAL, open (type: grommet) 128pc. – black – Ø=6-24mm

Blank plug rubber

Item number 3331728
Blank plug rubber set frame -UNIVERSAL, closed (type: blank plug rubber) 140pc.- black – Ø=7,0-9,5-12,0-15,8-19,0-22,0-25,4mm

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