DSC_2822A very special affair at our Max Speed Festival were the Italian racing team from Berghem. The stunning sprinting Lambrettas were one thing, even nicer were the lads that ride these beasts.

Sauro ‚Tiranno‘ Roncelli, Francesco ‚Magher‘ Mazzoleni, Fabrizio ‚Nonna Vittoria‘ Gotti and Marco ‚Zio Mario‘ Cortinovis found lots of new friends in Germany. And most of us admired theitr work and the relaxed attitude towards life. After their 800 km journey from the surroundings of Milan, they took it easy during the morning and noon. The technical approval (formality) and to have a look at the racing procedure were enough until lunch. Anyhow it was their first time on a track with such a long distance. The usual distance for sprint meetings in Italy is 150 meters.

Lunch time was a quick begginers course for ‚la dolce vita‘. With lots of enthusiasm they gave Italian wine, sausages and booze away. While the hospitality and chit chat were in full swing, the emergency generator was started. That was the way to opearte the Italian Cafè machine. If desired the coffee was corrected.

After the lunch time brake they had a look at the track and did some runs. With the confidence growing the achieved times were better and better. Sauro did the second best overall time for Lambrettas. 155,3 km/h for the first attempt on a longer distance. Congratulations!

Here are the shortcuts of the technical features of their scooters:

DSC_3284“Tiranno” –
Driver: Sauro Roncelli

Cylinder: 250 cc KTM air cooled 1983 (cylinder liner cast iron), bore 70 mm (with original Mahle piston), CR 12:1
Crankshaft: Handmade 62 mm stroke
Cylinder head: Hand made
Carburetor: 38 PHBG
Exhaust: Jollymoto

DSC_2985“Magher” –
Driver: Francesco Mazzoleni

Cylinder: 250 cc Husqvarna (ex liquid cooled) 2001, bore 70 mm, CR 12.5:1
Crankshaft: Handmade 64mm stroke
Cylinder head: Handmade
Carburetor: Keihin 38 PWM
Exhaust: Jollymoto

DSC_3302“Nonna Vittoria”
– Driver: Fabrizio Gotti

Cylinder: 225 cc TS1 bore 70 mm
Crankshaft: Handmade 62mm stroke
Cylinder head: Handmade, CR 12.5:1
Carburetor: Dellorto 38 PHBH
Exhaust: Jollymoto

DSC_2875“Zio Mario”
Driver: Marco Cortinovis

Cylinder: 225 cc TS1 bore 70 mm
Crankshaft: Original TV 175, 58mm stroke (revisited connection rod assembly…)
Cylinder head: Handmade, CR 12.5:1
Carburetor: Dellorto 38 PHBH
Exhaust: Jollymoto

Die Fotos:

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