Today is the 1st of December – and right in time we have a perfect surprise for you.

The ultimate scooter seat will be available for the Smallframe range as well.

SCOOTER CENTER is going to have the Ancillotti racing seat reproduced in the original shape and appearance. And we have it even bettered than the original. Long-term customer and friend Dirk Elchenbroich had the shape slightly improved so that it gives the perfect and ultimate gap from every angle.

The craftsmanship is second to none as you are used to it from the SCK Ancillotti for the Sprint. Probaply the best made scooter seat in the world. For the side there is Alfatex used while the piping is a nice contrasting white.

We keep our fingers crossed that these little beauties are available before Christmas! In the meantime here are some preview pictures.

8040143 | Seat -SCK Ancillotti- Vespa Sprint, TS, GT, GTR, GL, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB | 279,00 Euro

7672224 | Seat -SCK Ancillotti- Vespa V50, PV 125, ET3 – Schwarz | 279,00 Euro

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