normal_DSC_3314Recording braking day at MSF

SCOOTER CENTER’s Max Speed Festival at the airfield Meinerzhagen (mzH´09) brought record over record on a fine and sunny Saturday:

– more than 1.000 visitors
– highest terminal speed: 169,4km/h Piaggio ZIP Scooter Center Köln
– fastest and second overall speed: 164,2 km/h WORB5
– fastest 144,8 km/h WORB5

It was second time that Scooter Center organized the Max Speed Festival. A very special scooter event that has one goal, to find out the highest top speed of Europe’s scooter scene. Unique -at least for Germany- is the starter field that consists of Twist&GO scooters as well as the geared Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The length of the track is 500 meters for speeding up and another 300 meteres for slowing down.

At 9 h the doors were opened and visitors as well as racers appeared. THe 1.200 meters of the airfield mutated in a massive pit lane. Visitors from Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria and UK take place in this veryspecial event.

11:00 to 13:00 sprinting was the main force that has driven thte complete airfield. What a wonderful atmosphere. The round circuit for free testing was heavily crowded and the fun of racing without the attention of law was celebrated. The free dyno sessions at Scooter Center’s P4 was as long as the queue at the refreshment stalls during the lunch time. But waiting time was shortened with a chit chat here and there. Good priced scooter parts, cool Red Bull cans and some tasty snacks were the right thing at the right place.

On time with the end of the lunch time it seemed that all engines were started at once. Another three hours time from there to get the best results. The most ambitious rider managed to do 15 runs at all. Not bad, eh!?

Like on last year’s event Team SCOOTER CENTER achieved the highest terminal speed with the Piaggio ZIP. Racer Torsten Wengeler was clocked with 169,4 km/h at the RED BULL archs.

So the main goal for next year should be to brake the 170 km/h barrier.

Team SCOOTER CENTER says a big hello and thank you to all the attendends and vistors and hope to see you back next year.

See you atour Scootershow

For Pictures click Klassik – Galerie and Automatik – Galerie

Results Top 3

Automatik 2T 70cc Sportkm/h
1Feldmann, Florian130,7
2Quebbemann, Steffen129,6
3Eichler, Anton124,6
Automatik 2T 70cc Midrace
1Team GP128,1
2Schmidt, Thomas126,9
3Schwan, Desiree125,1
Automatik 2T 70cc HighEnd
1Soworowski Sergeij148,9
2Jeppe, Partner137,7
3Koch, Daniel137

Automatik 2T bis 100cc
1Schmidt, Thomas151,4
2Team GP139,6
3Dichi, Kevin137,6
Automatik 2T & 4T über 100cc
1Thorsten Wengler169,4
2Schüler Lukas149,3
3Bley Sascha147
1Stephan Reintgsi126,7
Vespa Smallframe
1Schnee, Karsten133,7
2Schneider, Christian118,8
3Picker, Nicole113,2
Vespa Largeframe bis 199cc
1Dovodeit, Thorsten144,8
2Sandersbrink, Michael115,7
3Brückner, Marco76,8
Vespa Largeframe ab 200cc
1Kausaki, Dennis136,7
2Scholz, Andreas135,3
3Barlow, Harry132,8
Lambretta ab 199cc
1Wrobel, Andreas164,2
2Rowcelli, Sauro155,3
3Ostrowski, Sascha153,6

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