New Ludwig & Scherer exhaust for Quattrini M200 cylinder “OTTO”

The Vespa Smallframe fans are happy: At the beginning of the week we presented our new bgm PRO BigBox for Vespa PK. Today we can present the “OTTO” from Ludwig and Scherer. Exhaust systems could not be more different:

The bgm PRO BigBox in a noble black robe. Original look for touring tuning and standard engines and anything with 15 hp – the “OTTO” wants to know with 40hp + and comes naked. Quite uninhibitedly it shows its Saarland welding art: hand-welded – MADE IN GERMANY. This raw-look gives you a direct impression of the brute power development, which is still present after painting. That’s a promise!

Quattrini M200 Auspuff Ludwig & Scherer OTTO 💪 VIEL MEHR LEISTUNG!

15%+ increased performance

This new Ludwig & Scherer exhaust for the Smallframe Vespa with the beautiful name ‘OTTO’, is specially designed for the popular Quattrini M200 cylinder for the “small” Vespa Smallframe. As a special feature it offers a similar early and high entry into the performance range as the own Quattrini exhaust ‘la sua’. However, “OTTO” can turn much more freely and offers already approx. 10-15% more power on an unmachined cylinder.

If the cylinder is machined accordingly Otto can add more power and torque and easily break the 40PS/34NM mark.

You can get Otto here, in our Vespa Shop

This wonderful racing exhaust is also visually very attractive, alternative to the original “La sua” Quattrini exhaust.