Think tomorrow, today.

The summer has just started, and we are presenting a calendar for 2012 quiet early. But what a piece of art!

In Conjunction with visual artist Christoph Gabler we have produced a high quality paper-calender in lackered silk print.

With the dimensions 32/32cm it fits in every garage, but is cause of its quality, better suited for the living room.

The artist surprised us with his new look on things. Real scooters with scars and history, in surprising and unusual perspectives. Definitely different to the usual stuff.



On the practical side this calendar contains a survey of 2011 as well, so you can enjoy it right now, and fill in important dates like birthdays and the like.

This print will last very long, cause of its quality.




Here is a little sneak preview – which will be updated irregular to not destroy your anticipation

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