In the couch of Scooter Center

Alex Stroh, The Technical product manager of SC

With the Platónika project, I get to know better and better to my partner in crime of this whole project and I am too happy to learn each day from one of the best Vespa mechanics I probably have met.

Beside he is also involved in the racing circus (on a Vespa of course) and -nothing more, nothing less- he is also one of the master minds in the development of bgm products for Scooter Center!

So -as I already know him- I thought it is time to have a look behind the scenes of SC and introduce to you Alex. Who many already know for his work, but few of his history.


I hope you like it, and if you have any more question, don’t hesitate and open fire! ;)

Auf der Couch beim SC - Interview mit Alex Stroh Scooter Center

1 GEAR –   Personal story           00:47

– How did you start in the Vespa world, what was the beginning?
– How many Vespas do you have and which one was your first love?
2 GEAR – Vespa Knowledge     03:39
-¿Cómo conseguiste todo este conocimiento?
-- y ¿cómo fue el primer contacto con SC? ¿Antes de qué trabajaras acá, conocias la tienda?
3 GEAR – Developer                  06:29
You have done a lot of Scooters here, a lot of projects, but also a lot of products that you have developed, tell us a little bit how is the process?
4 Gear: Racing                          08:51
– Tell us about this, how is he preparation, how long are the races.
– and at which tracks you already raced?
ALL YOU NEED                         12:22

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