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Vespa GTS conversion, tuning -> Vespa GTS custom scooter

Before we come to the Vespa GTS conversions, first a small review:

The Vespa has been a collector’s item since the 50s, and the owner has always liked to individualize it. For the conversion of the Vespa, accessories and add-on parts such as mirrors, crash bars, speedometers, badges, anti-theft devices, decorative trims, heatable handles, child seats, passenger seats, fuel gauges and chrome accessories from manufacturers such as Ardor, Appel, Ulma and Vigano were used.

Vespa Wideframe Zubehör

In the 80s

In England, a movement is sprouting up with mods and the Scooterboys, which will soon spill over the channel into Germany and the rest of Europe and will cast a spell over them.
Vespa / Piaggio itself now offers a range of accessories.

There’s no accounting for taste! Some people overdid it a little bit in the wild 80s and screwed everything to their Vespa, which the accessory market offered.

Vespa PX mit Zubehör

The 90s and 2000s

This is the birth of the Scooter Center: 1992. The Scooter scene is at its zenith in Germany and Europe. Thousands meet on weekends at scooter meetings = Scooterruns, like the SCOOTERDIVE and many other events to celebrate the vehicles, the music, themselves and the lifestyle

Customshows” take place, in the off-season these are independent events with previous and / or following party = Nighter. At the scooter customshow the elaborately converted scooters are exhibited and judged by a jury. The biggest customshows were e.g. in Hamburg, Munich or the Extravaganza in the Ruhr area and of course since 2008 also our Scootershow in Cologne.

Today: 2020 Modern Vespa models

Until today not much has changed: The modern Vespa is more powerful and the engine tuning becomes a little more complex due to the introduction of digital engine control, but the urge for individualisation and optimisation of the Vespa is unbroken. Not without reason: For years the Vespa has regularly been leading the sales list of motorcycles, naturally you want to stand out from the crowd! And the chassis of the Vespa GTS, for example, has clear potential for optimisation. Not for nothing, our bgm PRO shock absorbers are test winners and bestsellers for the GTS. Also LED indicators and LED headlights for GTS & Co are gladly converted.

In our Vespa Shop we offer you with our own brands bgm and MOTO NOSTRA and selected accessories and tuning suppliers (like Piaggio, bgm, Moto Nostra, Malossi, Polini, Remus, Scorpion, Akrapovic, Leo Vince, HD Corse, Power 1, a wide range of tuning and accessories for your modern Vespa GTS, Primavera or Sprint.

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Then as now, there are of course stages of individualisation. You can do a lot yourself, but if you are talking about an extreme custom project, you are well advised to consult a professional. Like for example our partner Cafe Racer 69 from Berlin:

Cafe Racer 69

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Custom


At Cafe Racer 69 in Berlin you get a professional individualization of your Vespa. As already mentioned, even with the current Vespa models, be it 125 or 300, Vespa GTS or Vespa Primavera & Vespa Sprint, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the standard condition. Also because the creative Berlin team is supplied by us with e.g. bgm & Moto Nostra, you can be sure to get only the highest quality parts!

  • Engine power,
  • Drive,
  • Chassis
  • Brakes,
  • Painting
  • etc.

The Berliners also offer pure optic tuning of your Vespa. The purely optical changes can be e.g.

  • Powder-coated
  • Attachments,
  • Trims,
  • Fittings,
  • Benches
  • etc.

Vespa GTS Tuning with TÜV

Our bgm PRO shock absorbers for Vespa GTS are of course TÜV approved. For changes to the chassis, brakes and rims it is sometimes also necessary to adapt the axle mounts. These adaptations for a roadworthy seat without track offset and adaptations of ABS & ASR always require a technical approval by an expert (DEKRA, TÜV) and can be done at Cafe Racer 69.


Vespa GTS Custom Scooter Compilation

In this video you will find the ultimate Vespa GTS Custom and Vespa GTS conversion compilation. Let yourself be inspired!

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Vespa GTS 300 Tuning and Vespa GTS Custom Scooter by Cafe Racer 69