Heidenau scooter tyres are now faster!

increases the speed index of Vespa tyres

Heidenau scooter tyres are now faster! At least “on paper”: for almost all tyres with size 3.50 – 10 Heidenau has increased the speed index from J (100km/h) to M (130km/h).

Of course you can use these tyres on your scooter even though the registration certificate shows the speed index “J”.
Standard tyres can always be replaced with tyres with better/higher indexes (speed and load index).

In this case faster=better!

These tyres have now a speed index up to 130km/h

Following tyres will have the speed index M:

Tip: tyre and wheel rim set for Vespa

Also the tyres of our convenient sets have a higher speed rate:


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