The ESC – European Scooter Challenge scooter race

The Scooter Center supports motor sports and also the ESC – the European Scooter Challenge. As the name suggests, it is a circuit racing series with classic scooters made of sheet metal, mainly Vespa and Lambretta. Already in the eighties the first circuit races were held in Austria and Germany.

The main goal of the ESC is to provide a broad platform for scooter racing enthusiasts with all kinds of requirements.

The various racing classes, which cover beginners to professionals as well as ladies, are based on these thoughts.
Especially the standard classes are to be emphasized, in which real top-class motorsport can be realized with low maintenance and money expenditure.


ESC race report – Cheb Challenge 2020 – Kartarena Cheb (CZ) – 01.08.2020


After the year 2020 offered hardly any possibilities for sports activities on old 2-stroke shift scooters, the time had finally come on 01.08.2020!

The first race of the European Scooter Challenge of the year 2020 could take place. The Kartarena in Cheb, Czech Republic opened its doors and more than 40 Vespa racers came from

  • Germany,
  • Austria,
  • France
  • and Poland

to finally let the asphalt glow again.


Heat Battle of Cheb

With temperatures of over 30°C and bright sunshine all weekend long, this was an easy exercise. Those who already arrived on Thursday or Friday could use the time to get the last shadow places in the paddock and to test the scooter extensively on the track.


Saturday was the day. Race Day! We started in 5 classes, among them 3 “standard classes” two for small frames, one for large frames, where the scooters have to be equipped with uniform engine components to enable equal conditions and exciting duels.

Especially exciting was the Smallfames. 17 starters competed for the places on the podium in the small unit class K5. Among them Vespa legend Stoffi Maier and newcomer Valentino Randazzo. The old master and the young daredevil offered each other thrilling duels with daring driving manoeuvres at the head of the field. Shortly before the end of the race, however, the two leaders were involved in a crash, and so victory went to Markus Moderer, who drew attention to himself with fast lap times. Valentino saved himself to 3rd place, 2nd place went to Felix Richter.

The second gripping duel of the day was in the faster Smallframe Einheitsklasse K4 between Achim Wolf and Robert Leibfarth. The latter was able to secure pole position in qualifying. With a rocket start however Achim put himself directly at the top of the field. After some duels at the top Robert could push himself with a hard braking maneuver past the leader and drive the race home. The podium of the K4 was finally completed by Benedigt Neuberger who crossed the finish line only a blink of an eye earlier than his competitor Albert Heigold.

The other racing classes also showed exciting racing on this wonderful racing day. Congratulations to all podium finishers.


New starters welcome!

The ESC was also able to welcome three new starters this weekend. The newcomers were warmly welcomed into the driver’s circle and – like every new participant in the ESC – were exempted from the entry fee at their first race.

For those of you who are now in the mood for scooter racing: 2 more ESC races will take place this year. The ESC Polish GP on 29.08.20 in Zielona Góra (PL) and the “KR automation” race at the Harzring on 26.09.20. Registration and entry at

Thanks to helpers and organizers, and the SCK for their support.

See you at the next race … ;)


The results in detail:

  • K1: 1. Romain Baguet; 2. Thomas Lenkeit; 3. Marten Schnitzler
  • K3: 1. Toni Fattorusso; 2. Christian Gattinger; 3. Marco Abbate
  • K4: 1st Robert Leibfarth; 2nd Achim Wolf; 3rd Benedigt Neuberger
  • K5: 1. Markus Moderer; 2. Felix Richter; 3. Valentino Randazzo
  • K6: 1. Matthias Sinkovits; 2. Maiko Jandl; 3. Igor Kulesza


Fastest race lap: Achim Wolf (1:03.102)


Author: RL




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