New gaskets for Vespa tuning engines

We now offer a great alternative to paper gaskets for tuning kits (Polini, Malossi, Quattrini, Pinasco, Parmakit). New highend lasercut gaskets:

  • in a set with 3 different strengths
  • perfect fit
  • possibility to customize
  • made of extremely stable Abil® N sealing material by Elring.

As perfect replacement of the original gaskets we continue to recommend BGM PRO silicon gaskets for Vespa and Lambretta.

Cylinder base gaskets in various strengths

Zylinderfuss-Dichtung für Vespa

Our product range includes cylinder base gasket sets by “Der Dichter” for any common Vespa cylinder. The supplied gasket set includes a gasket in three different strengths:

  • 0.25mm
  • 0.50mm
  • 0.75mm

Perfect to precisely adjust the cylinder trigger delay angle and/or the squish gap. You can buy the gasket sets in the Scooter Center Shop.

Gaskets for ported and welded cylinders

You have ported your cylinder and maybe even welded the casing? These still are the right gaskets for you:

All gaskets have a surplus of material compared to the original gaskets, which leaves you the choice for customizing:

Gasket for casing by Pinasco

We now offer gasket sets and individual gaskets for Pinasco casings:
These are made of Abil® N, a material which is of higher quality than the Pinasco version – Pinasco ‘only’ supplies brown paper.

gasket 3331850

Gasket set for cylinders by Quattrini

We are now able to deliver high quality gaskets for the Quattrini M200 cylinder at a fair price: gasket quattrini

Gaskets made of Abil® N

Abil® N is based on cellulose fibres bound to NBR.

Abil® N is primarily used to block hot and cold oil, fat, fuel and coolant with corrosion blocker. Usually used in control casing, gearbox, valve cover, oil pan,

hydraulic and pneumatic systems, chemical devices, pumps and compressors.

Spec sheet: pdf-logo DOWNLOAD


Easy to use

We recommend to install the gaskets dry or if need be with a little bit of grease on both sides.

gasket sets 1

All gaskets are laser cut and therefore an accurate fit.
Abil® N is based on cellulose fibres bound to NBR.


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