Good tools bring even more fun to the workshop. Jobs aren’t a mess anymore and can be done properly.

Our bgm Multitool bgm8819 contains bgm8811 and bgm8812.

The bgm8811 tool is the flywheel extractor (M28x1) for all Vespa scooters with electronic ignitions. Starting at the OEM PX flywheels to the electronic conversion for the Vespa Sprint/VBB and V50/Primavera. At the same time it is a clutch extractor tool for the Vespa Smallframe.

Together with tool bgm8812 it gets even more complete. Because you have the clutch compressing tool too. And it is a very clever clutch tool too. You can replace clutch plates with the clutch still fitted to the engine. Handy, eh?

Especially handy, because you don’t have to lock up the primary drive any more to get the clutch nut undone. If you have a 12 spring PK-XL2 clutch you will love it even more, when everything stays in place.

The clutch compressing tool fits to all PK and V50, PV, ET3 and the Polini double Spring Kclutches with 3 and 4 plates.

After the clutch coverand the pressure plate are off, tool bgm 8811 is screwed into the thread.

Afterwards clutch compressing tool bgm8812 comes on top.

And the nut, washer and screw (part of tool bgm8811) are used to compress the clutch.

As soon as the steel plates are spinning free the securing clip can be taken of. Now you are ready to replace the plates.

Before the tool will be released the oil guide plate and -important!- the securing clip need to be fitted.

Job done!

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