New extra flat bgm PRO air filter for CP caburettors

bgm PRO air filter for Polini CP carburettors

BGM PRO Double Layer filter made by Marchald for Polini CP carburettors

Extra flat air filter specially designed for Polini CP carburettors. Available in two sizes:

With a thickness of only 30mm this filter is perfect for the Vespa Wideframe or tuned-up Lambretta.
The 55mm version is also a good option for the Vespa Smallframe.
The BGM filter has been specially developed for CP carburettors. The air filter rubber perfectly follows the shape of the carburettor and this prevents any risk of slippage.

The bell mouth perfectly fits the carburettor and has therefore a streamlined form. Thanks to the compact form and the high permeability of the filter material, this filter is the best option if you want to have a perfect air intake without having a power loss.

Features of Marchald Power Double Layer air filter

  • easy and quick to assemble
  • high filtration performance and optimised air flow thanks to the double layer high tech foam
  • superb airtight rubber, no risk of air leak
  • water resistant – even after complete wetting the filter has not to be replaced
  • washable
  • thanks to the very flat design this filter can be fit in the smallest space
  • integrated bell mouth for best inflow of the carburettor

The length refers to the additional length (millimetres) of the carburettor/filter group after mounting the filter.

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Polini CP carburettors

The Polini CP carburettors, characterised by their compact design, are very popular and widely used.


The CP carburettor can be used to replace the genuine carburettor of the Smallframe models or to get more power on Vespa and Lambretta engines: indeed, it is characterised by a compact design and therefore offers much better setup options than SHB carburettors.

bgm PRO / Marchald cooperation

We decided to cooperate with the Italian company Marchald, specialised in air filters, and to develop together what we consider the perfect air filter for the CP carburettors.


High quality and broad experience in air filter development

The high-quality rubber, which Marchald has used for years, can resist to steady mechanical stress and chemical exposure.

In order to ensure a perfect adherence and to prevent any risk of slippage, the rubber perfectly follows the shape of the carburettor.
Thanks to the two grooves in the rubber and the clamp (also included in the item) the air filter is stably fixed in its place.

Together with its bell mouth the rubber perfectly adapts to the special shape of the CP carburettor, a shape which increases the performance of the carburettor.


Air filter available in two sizes

Depending on place available to mount the filter, we have designed this air filter in two versions.

The length reported in the item description refers to the length of the filter once it has been mounted on the carburettor.

The BGM air filters fit all Polini CP carburettors from Ø17,5 to Ø24mm and are available in two sizes: 30mm and 55mm.



For Vespa Smallframe: 55mm air filter

The 55mm version is a good option for the Smallframe models. Even though the shock absorber is fully deflected, there’s still much space between the air filter and the chassis.

For Vespa Wideframe, Smallframe and Lambretta:

The 30mm version is particularly ideal for the Vespas Wideframe since they can be mounted even in small spaces.

With a length of only 30mm, this filter is short enough to prevent any crash or pressure against the carburettor flap.



If you use this filter on a Vespa Smallframe you’ll have much more space around the carburettor.

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