2012 – Endurance Race year

2012 was a special year, because this year for the first time started the ESC Endurance. In this Long Distance Championship, unlike regular ESC Cup sprint races, teams drive up to 6 hours at a stretch for the win. The Scooter Center Cologne sent the GSF SCK Endurance Team (Andreas Putz, Michael, “maniac” Betz) into the race, which already did a great run during the 24 hour race in Spain and then won one famous triple victory (fastest lap, class victory, total victory).

With correspondingly high expectations about the team went to the first endurance race in Liedolsheim Run’n’Race organized by the under the Stone Heads SC. The team was able to enter the race without any major problems in first place. After the Endurance Run in Wackersdorf had to be canceled due to modest weather, the race at the Harzring track was on the plan, which was organized by Wotox SC. The weather had been mixed, and we experienced a nasty departure, which let us finish the race beyond the podium positions. After some work on our racing machine, the rpm Scootering, metal fight in Belleben was on the plan, which was completed in second despite a leaky head, leaky exhaust flange and a cracked reed valve. Cursed with these defects, the engine deserved a complete overhaul. Thanks to this extra work the engine lasted all races of the season including the 24h race unrevised. With the newly revised work unit, we met for the season finale at the ‘Holidays in Hungary’, which was organized by the GOA SC. At the beginning of the race we were still on a hard-fought first place, but we lost valuable time due to a brake defect and an unreliable spark plug. Equipped with a strategic desire to win and with fantastic weather, we secured second place in Hungary, which has brought us the victory to win the first place in the ESC Endurance Championship!

At this point, many thanks to our guest drivers Benedikt Neuberger, Robert Leibfarth und Jens Fischer…Great work guys, another job well done!

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