Vespa Oldie luggage rack front for Vespa Wideframe and Vespa Largeframe in Ulma Style

Vespa Gepäckträger Ulma Asseccoire Style

Is this the most beautiful luggage rack for Vespa oldies?

This front luggage rack for old Vespas is a great repro of what we think is the most beautifully designed front luggage rack!

Luggage Carrier for Vespa Oldtimers

This great luggage rack fits all older Vespa/Motovespa models. It is a great accessory for your Vespa Wideframe (all models from 1946 onwards) as well as for Vespa & Motovespa Largeframe up to approx. 1977 = all scooter models with metal cascade, not Vespa PX.

Vespa Oldie Gepäckträger Wideframe & Largeframe Ulma Nanucci Style

Choose your style

TIP: I personally like the rawstyle version in bare metal because of the cool solder joints in steampunk look! To get corrosion protection with the same look, the luggage rack can be clear varnished, clear powder coated, waxed or oiled. Of course, you can also have it painted or powder-coated in your colour.

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