Who, What, How PLATÓNIKA?

We know that our Platónika project is taking a little longer than we thought.

But we continue to work hard behind the scenes. And we used the project to make some SC tutorials for you.

Due to various inquiries about who Maryzabel is and how she came to us, Alex asked Lanz for an interview on the couch at the Scooter Center.

Just like every Vespa has its history, every female Vespa rider and of course the male counterparts have their history too. And one thing is always interesting, how did you get to the Vespa. And why of all things to ride a scooter. And just then it becomes clear that maybe it is the Vespa that brings us together. And that this is more important and stronger than the things that could separate us.

Although those who follow us here in the blog or on other channels already know something about me, we have fulfilled the wish to tell a little bit more about me and the Vespa and also Colombia. A country that many people surely only know from the media and the Platónika project. But that is also a country that beats in 2-stroke.


¿Quién está detrás del Proyecto Platónika?


Let me introduce you to Vespertine. My first love, the first scooter I bought and will keep for all my life. After her came “la pelada” another PX from 1994, but I am not a collector, so my ambition is to have no more. Although here in Germany it is very good for me to have something to drive. So now we will build up a platonic love and with time we will see what comes..


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