Impact wrench by TOPTUL for your scooter garage

The small but powerful tool by Toptul.

The very compact size of only 97mm head length make the Toptul impact wrench the perfect tool for very tight areas as with the engine still in place.

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Small, light, STRONG

With an output torque of 678Nm the little fellow helps in unscrewing unmanageable screw connections. This even eases the task of untightening rusted rear hub nut.

You may also use the impact wrench by Toptul to untighten hardly accessible clutch nuts of largeframe Vespas, because of its small dimensions.

You will always have enough space to work comfortably, even if equipped with a heavy nut and a castle nut wrench for works on the engine still in place.

You will always remain in control of this 1.6kg lightweight of a bully.

Toptul impact

Perfect impact wrench for Vespa

A special principle of operation of the impact wrench allows you to easily loosen screw connections with nuts that could possibly turn or with bolts that are almost too tight.

With the exhaust screw of largeframe engines being the perfect example. A normal sized impact wrench would reach as far as the rear brake, making a straight access impossible.

Toptukl impact_2

The selector lever is positioned on the back of the impact wrench in order to be used with one hand only. The desired force will be made available when pulling the trigger, thanks to clear interlock.

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This handy and strong impact wrench by Toptul is ideal for working in tight spots. A compact size with 97mm head length only but 678Nm output torque are perfect for hard works such as clutch nuts in largeframe Vespas.

  • The 1.6kg lightweight is easy to use with one hand
  • Adjust torque with one hand
  • Ratchet connection: 1/2″
Schlagschrauber (Druckluft) -TOPTUL 1/2" 678 Nm- Artikelnr. KAAQ1650

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    Wow, I really astonished to see your article. I also satisfied with reading your informative article. When I purchased this tools I doubt and confused what I am doing and afraid. But now I am easily and completely doing my daily work. Awesome power tools user would love it.

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