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Probably many of us wish we had a time machine right now. We can’t help you with that, but we can with the TimingMachine. This is the new TimingMachine APP from Crazy Monkey Development! In addition to our tutorials about the pinch-edge and the intake times, we are giving away 25x the ultimate timing calculator as an iOS app:

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Steuerzeiten App fürs iPhone

Timing APP for iOS Apple

Brand new from Crazy Monkey Development is the tax time app. TimingMachine is a comprehensive tool for the determination of control times of plate and slot controlled 2-stroke engines. With functions for the determination and comparison of timing, determination of piston positions in the cylinder, effect of different spacers as well as the export possibility of determined values, it is currently probably the most comprehensive tool of this kind. This app requires iOS 13.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The functions at a glance ..

  • Conversion of key measurements into tax periods
  • Conversion of tax periods into key figures
  • Comparison of tax periods and their effects
  • Conversion from pinch edge to piston position
  • Calculating different spacers on the tax times
  • Graphical representation of the control times
  • Export of result data sheets as PDF
  • Extended export with own texts and images
  • Clear user interface
  • Does not require an active Internet connection

Steuerzeiten APP für iPad

New! Snapshot function

  • Save as many setups as you want and use them whenever you need them.
  • Add your own notes to every saved setup
  • Get a quick overview of all important information at the touch of a finger
  • Name each saved setup according to your preferences

Measuring the time of admission – in our video tutorial

Click here for our tutorial “Measuring the intake time Vespa PX

Scooter Center Tutorial - Setting the Inlet Timing Vespa PX

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