Abus Kettenschloss Vespa

Vespa stolen!!

Recently, reports of piling “stolen Vespa / scooter theft.”

The thieves seem to care more for the old Vespa scooter.
In the recent case 8 scooter from Vespa Club Frankfurt were stolen in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
A new Vespa was disregarded. Overall, 8 of the 17 scooters that even standing on two different places, were stolen with heavy equipment. On damaged scooters you found clear traces of an angle grinder, Flex. Aaccording to first estimates a loss of € 40,000 – in addition to the tears flowed, anger and rage.
Collector’s items are not usually replace with some money. Anyone who has ever restored an old Vespa, knows how much money, work and time you can spend in a good restoration. If you then have a great, reliable scooter, with many wonderful experiences, eg Vespa meeting, vacation, great trips with friends, etc. – then it is a scooter theft very difficult to digest.

Around the same time a white Vespa T5 Classic with Micron exhaust system was stolen in Frankfurt.
Just a few days earlier a gray Vespa PX 200 was stolen in Kaarst / Neuss …

If you follow Google and the News, messages are becoming increasingly common reports of stolen Vespa scooters. Scooter thefts has always been there – at present, the scooter theft seems to pile up. A disturbing trend.

Tip: Use social networks and groups on Vespa stolen eg “find my stolen T5” on Facebook

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Vespa gestohlen Abus Kettenschloss hilft!

Take good care of your scooter, always lock well and for emergencies: havegood insurance.

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