Part 2 Teste Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini

1. Rimini Lambretta Centre 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Teste Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini plant tour / Bergamo
4. Visit of the Casa Lambretta and the Lambretta Museum/ Milan

Lambretta Rally

Teste Cromate S.C., the local Lambretta Club, organised an awesome ride out in the soft hills in the region of Emilia Romagna on Sunday as a side program to the Rimini Lambretta Centre Open Day.



Entire video

You can find the video of the entire ride out beginning at the stop at Europlastsucci with GPS – measured speed display. Enjoy:

Yummy stopover

In a well organised corso of about 50 Lambrettas we reached our first interim goal after a few kilometres: Europlastsucci. An old customer and manufacturer of GRP frame sections and further Lambretta specialities.


In order to regain strength for the rest of our ride out and as as mental preparation for lunch we have an Aperitivo. After adjusting the tick-over rpm with Prosecco and other non-liquid refreshments we leave the city and cross the mountains in a great track.

Lambretta BSG Corse with 45HP and 305cc

Of course we have already had the opportunity to drive many extreme scooters. But Philipp’s scooter for the corso was a doozie:Lambretta Scooter Center Italien

BSG Corse Lambretta with 305cc cubic capacity and performance of more than 50 HP. The most violent we ever rode. CNC – engine block milled from one single piece, 305cc BSG Corse cylinder, Cyclone5 5 speed gearbox and BGM PRO Superstrong clutch. This monster has more than 50 HP. The demonstrator was downsized from 51HP to 45HP via ignition for the RLC Open Day.

First impression:

The beast has instant throttle control and within a blink of the eye you exceeded 100km/h. Thanks to BGM PRO SUPERSTRONG clutch, switching gears is clear, easy and very smooth, the 5 speed gearbox perfectly transferred. Power without limits and pressure in every gear.



Lambretta with a high amount of performance

The CNC engine has a crankshaft with wide crank webs. In order to securely transfer the performance of the 305cc cylinders to the street, the proven components BGM PRO shock absorbers and BGM silent blocks are used for the wheel suspension. Due to the enormous cubic capacity the exhaust is large. However its distance to the ground is sufficient for it to not put down on the street, even in hairpin bends. A vehicle of such a high performance also needs a strong braking system. RLC uses a a MMW disc brake.

There is a high amount of performance in this engine, so it doesn’t come unexpected that the frame hits its limits, since the original engine offers only a fifth of performance when being compared to the BSG Corse engine

Thanks to Dean Orton for this amazing experience! And thanks to Teste Cromate S.C. for this beautiful day!

All pictures

All pictures of the Lambretta Rally in Rimini:

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