Platónika Vespa by bgm

How to build a new Vespa

Platònika is actually the story of a Vespa. But then again the story of Maryzabel. Or is it both?

Maryzabel started in the summer of 2019 at our Scooter Center. She came to us from Colombia and thus separated about 9,000 km from her beloved Vespas.

A life without scooters always seemed to us to be completely free of meaning. Maryzabel sees it the same way. So it was clear to everyone: we need a Vespa for her!

The engine concept was fast: BGM177/187, fast, reliable and economical. And there were also the LML Vespa frames (Video:

Why not build a Vespa completely out of new parts and then accompany the events on film?

But see for yourself:

Platónika Video

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