Neue Vespa Stossd?mpfer bgm PRO

New Vespa shock absorbers

Less than 40 euros – cheap and good Vespa shock absorbers

Vespa shock absorbers bgm PRO

The new Vespa shock absorbers from bgm PRO offer good quality & value and yet an affordable way to significantly improve the driving behavior of your Vespa.

Adjustable Vespa shock absorbers BGM7716X
Vespa BGM PRO SC/F16 and SC/R12 shock absorbers with new look. NEW: The Black Vespa shock absorbers of the proven technology are now BGMPRO SC shock absorbers presented in the new…July 25 They have, compared to the original Vespa spring struts, stiffer damping with enough reserves to effectively prevent the rocking of the scooter, even with sporty driving style.
The adjustable spring preload of this modern shock absorber additionally allows optimal adaptation of the running gear to the driver’s weight. Ideal especially if often riding two persons and/or with luggage on the scooter.

Our shock absorber is available in different color options.


New Vespa shock absorbers

  • Damping method: oil pressure
  • Spring preload: 5-way adjustable
  • Length: 255mm
  • Spring: painted steel,
  • Body: steel, painted
  • TÜV / Report: No

Here are the high end shock absorbers for Vespa WITH ABE / TÜV report.


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