Auspuff Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

NEW: Exhaust bgm PRO BigBox TOURING for Vespa PK50 & PK125

Quite secretly a new racing exhaust for Vespa PK has crept into our shop. Today we present the new Vespa PK exhaust from bgm PRO.

Vespa PK Rennauspuff - bgm PRO BigBox Vespa PK | HANDMADE in EUROPE

We have two versions:

  1. for Vespa PK50 & PK80 | BGM1050PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK50, PK80 (S/XL/XL2/HP/SS/Lusso)
  2. for Vespa PK125 & PK75 | BGM1125PK
    Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING PK- Vespa PK125 (S/XL/XL2/ETS), Motovespa PK75 (S/XL/Junior)

The history of this exhaust system lies in the fact that there were no original Piaggio exhaust systems for the PK 50 models. During the development of a new exhaust we recognized the potential and were able to develop a sport exhaust with original optics, low noise level and a significant increase in performance. The bgm PRO quality exhaust is now handmade in Europe and is available immediately: bgm PRO BigBox TOURING Vespa PK

bgm PRO BigBox Touring VS Sito PLUS

On the dynamometer it looks like this:

Vespa PK Rennauspuff Leistungsprüfstand


bgm PRO BigBox for your Vespa PK

Vespa PK exhaust with more power, discreet look & low noise

The bgm PRO exhaust in the TOURING version thus provides the discreet look and acoustics of an original Vespa exhaust, combined with a sports exhaust characteristic with high torque and wide power band. This system was originally designed as a replacement for the original Piaggio exhaust systems, which are no longer available. In the meantime we have developed it to a full-fledged, modern sport exhaust system.

We attached great importance to a good performance with a discreet noise level as well as a good fit.

  • Significantly more power
  • Quiet racing exhaust
  • Good fit
  • Original optics
  • High and early torque
  • Wide speed range
  • More final speed
  • Very unobtrusive
  • Fits without modifications
  • Handmade in Europe

The bgm PRO Sport TOURING harmonizes very well with a standard engine as well as with the classic tuning cylinders like the

  • Polini 75-112,
  • DR75-102 or
  • Malossi 75-112
  • Polini 133

Auspuff Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

Easy mounting

The relatively far down split manifold allows a quick disassembly of the exhaust body without having to loosen the manifold on the cylinder. The connection is secured by tension springs in a stable but quickly detachable way.

For safety reasons we recommend to start with 2-4 numbers more than a standard exhaust.


  • Exhaust body
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust Springs
  • Cylinder/ manifold gasket

Vespa PK Exhaust TIP:

  1. Adjust spraying, see above.
  2. Some heat-resistant sealing compound (see accessories for the exhaust) between manifold and exhaust body keeps this area permanently clean.

Exhaust PK 50: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 50 and Vespa PK 80 models:

Exhaust PK 125: Matching Vespa PK

The PK exhaust fits the following Vespa PK 125 and Vespa PK 75 models:

Order here: modern Vespa PK exhaust

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