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A somewhat different for scooterists

Today we are ready to broaden our horizon – but not too much: Many scooterists had one themselves and if not, parents, uncles, aunts or brothers owned one: a VW Beetle and the VW Bulli, the handiest car worldwide.

The dream of mobility and independence turned the VW Beetle into a post war symbol. But this is not the only feature it shares with classic scooters like Vespa and Lambretta.

So this is a wonderful for scooterists and every fan of VW Beetle and VW Bulli: two beautiful calendars are now part of our product range:

Calendar -Der VW Käfer 2016-

1st edition, 13 sheets with B/W-photos, explanations, size 56 x 46.2 cm, spiral binding, Delius Klasing

No road too long or too steep, its opposed cylinder type engine beneath the tailgate did hard work, almost without complaints. It is no surprise that it turned into a marathon machine and had a great reputation.

This car was developed by Ferdinand Porsche, built in Germany and developed into the first real global car. And the Beetle always cut a fine figure. Those who didn’t own one themselves, loved to be a passenger.

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Calendar -Bulli-Parade 2016-

1st edition, 13 sheets with B/W-photos, explanations, size 56 x 46.2 cm, spiral binding, Delius Klasing

This calendar celebrates a classic style icon: the VW Bulli. Until today this van and transporter legend has a large fan community. Its universal concept and wide range of types turned this transporter for people and goods into some kind of “family member” of their owners. Being used by mail services, police, fire brigade or as ambulance are best examples to demonstrate that almost anything was possible, just depending on its equipment.

The large fan community of the VW van wouldn’t want to miss their Bulli in automotive day to day live. This calendar is for them and depicts an extraordinary parade of this classic: vehicles of the first generation and its drivers on and next to the street, in free time or while working.

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Of course we also offer scooter calendars.

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